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Infrared Distance Measuring

Adopting Lanbao unique Halios photoelectric detection technology, it enhances the anti-interference ability of glare, and can withstand up to 100,000 Lux of ambient light., which can adapt to outdoor strong sunlight environment. Compared with similar products, the temperature adaptability is stronger, working temperature is -15 °C. ~65°C, with reliable industrial design, IP67 protection, new intelligent manufacturing process, stronger anti-vibration, suitable for industrial environment; easy to handle changing targets, not affected by background color, target surface roughness and material have little effect on the detecting results. The sensor can measure distances up to 12m, with different angles of detection, such as large angle and small angle; and can be installed at any angle, flexible in outlet, simple wiring, which gives designers more imagination space.

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  • 0.15-10m (1)

    0.15-12m (1)

    0.3-12m (1)

    0.05-20m (0)

    0.05-30m (0)

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    80...500mm (0)

  • 650nm semiconductor red light,2mW (0)

    Infrared LED(850nm) (1)

    Infrared (905nm) (0)

    Red Laser (650nm) (0)

  • 20ms (2)

    40ms (2)

    100ms (1)

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  • RS485 (1)

    4-20mA (0)

    0-10V (0)

    UART-TTL (2)

    IIC (2)

    PULL-PUSH (1)

    Push-pull+RS485 (support ModBus) (0)

    Push-pull+4...20mA analog output (0)

  • IP50 (1)

    IP65 (1)

    IP67 (1)

    IP68 (0)

    IP68(GB/T 4208-2017) (0)

  • ABS (2)

    Aluminum 6061 (0)

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