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A new solution for multi-faceted obstacle avoidance

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the multi-rotor consumer-grade drone market, its related technologies are undergoing rapid changes. In many trends of consumer drone technology, obstacle avoidance capability is the key to achieving automation and even intelligence. The perfect autonomous obstacle avoidance system will be able to avoid obstacles in the flight path in time, greatly reducing operational errors. And the losses that come with it. While reducing the number of bombing accidents, it can also bring a new experience to the drone flying hand, and also help the drones to spread to agriculture, construction, transportation, media and other fields.


Lanbao concentrated on the development of the UAV obstacle avoidance technology, and successfully developed the PSK and PTK series ranging sensors according to the flight characteristics of the UAV. The ranging sensor includes an infrared emitter and a CCD detector. The infrared emitter emits infrared rays, and the infrared rays are reflected on the object. After the reflected light is received by the CCD detector, the reflection angle is different due to the different distance D of the object. Different reflection angles will produce different offset values L, and the object distance will be calculated by calculating the above data. Compared with ultrasonic induction, Lanbao infrared ranging response speed, high precision, strong resistance to ambient light, is the perfect partner for the perfect flight of the drone.

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