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Intellectualization and refinement enhance the efficiency of the aquaculture industry

Nowadays, IoT applications have penetrated into all walks of life. Under the general trend of the Internet of Things, the aquaculture industry is also exploring smart farming. The network of Internet of Things, cloud computing and various sensors is used to open smart farming, so that farmers can manage leanly. , bid farewell to the past inefficient and cumbersome farming mode. The feeding system of automatic chicken equipment is generally composed of feeding, traction rope, track, spiral conveying system, etc. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation and regular quantitative feeding, no manual intervention, intelligent control of feeding process, saving feed and reducing waste. Improve the breeding efficiency and promote the large-scale development of the automated breeding industry.


Lanbao CR30 series capacitive level sensor can sense conductor or non-conductor materials in solid or liquid form. It has potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment function, which can change the action distance according to the different objects. The level sensor is used to automate the chicken feeding system, which can effectively control the height of the feed level in the feeding tray, save manpower and achieve a uniform feeding effect.

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