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Mobile equipment mainly includes agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, municipal engineering vehicles, construction machinery and logistics storage vehicles. Because engineering machinery and equipment are generally bulky and the application environment is very harsh, high reliability and high protection level are the most basic requirements of the automation products of the mobile equipment industry. At the same time, they should also have anti-vibration, moisture-proof, anti-surge and anti-shock. Features. Lanbao sensor design takes into account the needs of industrial applications. The products are specially designed and tested repeatedly, and have a long life cycle, ensuring that mobile devices can demonstrate their best performance in day-to-day work.


Construction machinery often suffers from severe working conditions for a long time. For example, heavy load work, dust intrusion, and instantaneous impact often cause damage to the mechanical structure of the equipment, hydraulic pressure and hydraulic transmission system, and increase the wear and tear of the machine. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the whole equipment and parts through sensors. The application of sensors in engineering machinery mainly includes three aspects: the control of engine working conditions; the control of hydraulic system; the control of the overall performance of engineering machinery.Lanbao's products for mobile devices, such as speed sensors for diesel engine speed control, pressure sensors for controlling hydraulic oil pressure, liquid level sensors for controlling hydraulic oil level, controlling main working mechanisms and brake system wear detection sensors , a load cell for controlling mechanical overload detection.

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