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Ensure safe and reliable operation of the elevator

With the continuous increase of the number of elevators and the frequent occurrence of accidents, the safety of elevators has attracted great attention from the society. Based on the elevator industry standards, Lanbao provides customized products and solutions for customers, which have been highly recognized by customers for many years. Through the sensor equipment installed in the elevator car top, data acquisition terminal and other sensing equipment, the elevator's operating status is collected, and the "health status" of the elevator is detected in real time. Once the elevator run under abnormal condition, for example, run when door open, stop on wrong floor, power off etc. The system will start a real-time alarm to notify the property or elevator maintenance personnel to rush to the scene for disposal.


There are many types of sensors applied to the elevator, and the average number of elevators used is 2-8. Among them, the encoder is the most widely used one. The encoder is mainly applied to the traction machine and the door machine to detect the position of the elevator in the hoistway and the real-time speed of the elevator running. The light curtain sensor is also a sensor that is used in the elevator. It emits infrared rays to scan whether there is a blocked object, and the elevator monitoring and action functions are completed in a non-contact manner. Other proximity sensors, leveling switches, forming switches, weighing sensors, etc. work together to monitor the elevator running process in real time to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

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