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Application of Intelligent Sensing Technology in Rail Transit

Rail transit automation products are diverse, including vehicle signals, communications, metro barrier doors, flood prevention doors, video surveillance systems, fire alarms, environmental and electromechanical equipment monitoring, power monitoring, and integrated monitoring. In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the rail transit network has spread all over the country. At the same time, it also opens up a vast space for the application of advanced smart sensors in the industry.. Lanbao sensor is applied to various nodes of urban traffic earlier, providing inspection services for train entry and exit stations, train arrivals, vehicle systems, etc., ensuring efficient, convenient, safe, visual, predictable, environmentally friendly and intelligent operation of rail transit.


Based on the digital processing of signals and information, the intelligent rail transit is based on the intelligent information collection of 'thing' and is based on the information exchange and resource sharing platform that can realize the full interconnection of people, machines and objects. The application of sensory technology is the key to more thorough perception of “things” and control of “things”, and is a key component to achieve “more in-depth intelligence.” Lanbao has nearly 40 series and more than 4,000 models, optic fiber, light curtain, through beam photoelectric sensors are widely used in rail transit for stable and precise detection.

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